STC always aims at being well recognized internationally as a leader in agro-industry and related business, practicing on the basis of sound practices for continual expansion and sustainable growth.


We are committed to the concept of fair practice to all parties concerned, providing customers the best quality products and services. And by virtue of our corporate philosophy, we earnestly focus on adhering to ethical conduct, responsibility to customers, regarding our staff as our most important resource, and recognizing our obligation to contribute to society.


STC is a conglomerate of established exporting companies in the field of agricultural products such as tapioca and rice, and soon later becomes a leading rice and tapioca exporter of the country. Prior to the establishment of the Group, the pioneering team of co-founders operated a rice milling business in the local area upcountry, and gradually developed into a solid trading group, earning recognition for its integrity and trustworthiness.

STC Group has been one of continual drive and expansion into various businesses supported by companies’ resources in our integrated business. The agro-industry, in particular, not only creates a solid base for the Group, but also instigates agricultural development success for the nation as betokened by three-leaf symbol signifying a thriving growth for the future.


STC, the name, was taken from the initials of its two founding companies, ST for Sang Thai Bangpakong, the first company established to handle tapioca pellets export, and C for Capital Rice, the first rice exporting company of the Group, but the second established for rice exporting.


The three- green - leaf logo conveys a message of operating business in the field of agriculture, symbolizing the following
The image of the leaf represents agriculture, the mainstay of most of the nation’s population.
The three leaves represent three commodities – rice, tapioca, and maize - .that constitute the foundation of the Group’s success before diversification to other successful business sectors
The green color represents development and growth for the benefit of propelling higher national income and economic development. that STC has been determined to drawing upon all resources, whether human, capital as well as the most modern technologies.



1. Mr.Paisal Vanichjakvong Chairman
2. Mr. Vorapong Pichpongsa Vice Chairman
3. Mr.Surasak Pichetpongsa Vice Chairman
4. Mr. Vichien Vanichjakvong Vice Chairman
5. Mr Pawinsak Pusithvudhikul Executive Director



1. Mr.Tharnkasem Vanichjakvong  
2. Mr.Anek Pichetpongsa  
3. Mr.Sarawut Vanichjakvong  
4. Mr.Wanlop Pichpongsa  
5. Mr.Puchchong Vanichjakvong  
6. Mr.Phongpat Vanichjakvong  
7. Mr.Anant Pichetpongsa  
8. Mr.Vinyoo Pichpongsa  
9. Mr.Ravisak Vanichjakvong  
10. Miss Sinee Vanichjakvong