Message from the Chairman

It is with great pride that I introduce you to the STC Group as it is a privilege that I serve its shareholders, customers and staff.

For forty years the Group has been a growing force to be reckoned with in Thailand’s economy. The launching pad for impressive national development throughout this period has been its agricultural produce., the bounty of its rich farmland and the hard work of generations of our forefathers. That is what made us strong as a nation and what has made the STC Group a remarkable conglomerate of agricultural business.

As world population grows dramatically, the demand for such high quality staple food as rice continues to grow, STC has played no small part in supplying this demand, and will continue to do so, ensuring not only the basic economic future of the Group, but also of our beloved country

The story of the STC Group has been one of continual drive and expansion. It started in 1974 when a team of co-founders with a great number of years of rice milling experience, joined forces to establish the Sang Thai Bangpakong Co., Ltd., to begin with warehousing in the tapioca business which quickly expanded into a major purchasing and trading center for rice export.

Amongst a variety of businesses at the international level, one of our first steps in cooperating with foreign concerns in joint ventures is the milling of wheat flour with a Japanese world renowned company, and to be partnered with major Thai and world acclaimed foreign firms in the Laem Chabang International Seaport project.

We, at STC have always had a great dynamic vision, particularly defined as “Bettering Resources For A Greater Good.” The founders’ core values apparently reflected in their signature virtues, for the benefit of corporate harmony , for eagerness to excel, for achievements through far-sighted perception, and on the moral principles of good intentions , sincerity, and integrity.

Approaching its 40th anniversary, STC has conducted its businesses with innovative expertise, in tune with the concept of sustainable growth, and will continue to do so in the years to come.

As Chairman of the Group, my commitment goes to our customers and partners, my assurance to our shareholders and my heartfelt thanks to my team, the executives, staff and workers of all our constituent companies, who have made STC Group what it is today, and who are the best guarantors of its future.

Mr. Paisal Vanichjakvong